WKF CHINA promote referee seminar for all officials in Chengdu

| February 25, 2017

WKF CHINA president Sifu DINAN YAN promote referee seminar in Chengdu, Sechuan province. Beside the referee and official seminar, many important meetings with new promoters are on the schedule. Date is already scheduled for April 2017. WKF World director Fritz EXENBERGER will attend all meetings, answering all possible questions. For registration and more information about […]

WKF forms and Taolu – scoring system

| February 25, 2017

Following many requests from our World wide  WKF members members about forms. We get many inquiries about various competition rules in the WKF. Waiting in 4 languages for your download. The rules for all WKF Forms in English language are here , in Deutscher Sprache hier. Soon we will have more translations in Russian and […]

WKF CHINA is moving … 我们是真正的全球玩家

| February 20, 2017

    WKF CHINA is moving forward. Our office in Chengdu is always in negotiations with local promoters for next events. For 2016 we have already 5 events scheduled in China, negotiations are still in progress.   We have already our first WKF CHINA female MMA World Champion.   YAN XIAONAN from Chengdu in province […]

Chinese boxing – WKF SANDA title fights, how it goes

| February 15, 2017

We have got many request for title fights around the World and many people ask about how it goes in our SANDA division. It is very simple, everybody can download WKF title fight minimum request , this should answer FAQ. Like in Ring sport all fighters must be listed in the SANDA World ranking, send […]

WKF PRO-AM division – our fourth pro division

| February 10, 2017

From the beginning in WKF we split very clearly amateur and pro business, in ring sport as well as in PPF and MMA. New is our SANDA & WUSHU division. This is to follow many requests and wishes of our clients , managers and thousands of our fighters from all over the World. Today we […]

K-1 World Grand Prix in Czech with Champions from 4 continents

| February 5, 2017

Our WKF head office confirm the next WORLD GRAND PRIX, sponsored by BUDWELD company in Poland. This show is an international cooperation of WKF CZECH REPUBLIC, WKF AUSTRIA and WKF POLAND On the last World congress in Italy WKF head office present the new league:   “WKF WORLD GRAND PRIX” !  This is for all […]

Sanda / San Shou and WUSHU

| February 5, 2017

San Shou shi Wushu de Jinghua   “San Shou is the quintessence of Wushu.”   San Shou is the official full contact fighting sport of modern Chinese Wushu which is rapidly growing in international popularity. As an integral part of most Wushu competitions, San Shou has been an important event at the World Wushu Championships […]

SANDA and WUSHU has in Europe new leadership

| February 1, 2017

The WKF SANDA & WUSHU DIVISION was formed in February 2015.   World president is Mr. YAN DINAN from WKF CHINA.    Our new appointed European president is Mr. Helmut LECHNER, contact him by mail.   Mr. Lechner is long time Sanda & Wushu Expert, with so many top contacts in the wushu World.   He invites […]