New Chinese Champion Nr. 1 in the World ranking

| January 31, 2018

WKF SANDA head office confirm our new Chinese Champion in the SANDA World rankings Featherweight – 57 Kg / 125 lbs. SHENG Jian Jie from University Gym in Shanghai has a positive fight record: 3rd place Sanda China National Championships Baoji, Shanxi Chinese Wushu Association 3rd place Sanda China Youngmen Tournament Soon we will see […]

Chinese boxing – WKF SANDA title fights, how it goes

| January 21, 2018

We have got many request for title fights around the World and many people ask about how it goes in our SANDA division. It is very simple, everybody can download WKF title fight minimum request , this should answer FAQ. Like in Ring sport all fighters must be listed in the SANDA WORLD RANKING send […]