WKF CHINA – Official Statement Against Racial Discrimination

| March 15, 2018

  WKF CHINA and our WKF SANDA division world president WKF-World Kickboxing Federation China Zone is the top official organization that World Kickboxing Federation(WKF) set up in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. As a legal organization, WKF-World Kickboxing Federation China Zone is legally registered by the Hong Kong government, and has been recognized […]

Mr. DINAN YAN our WKF CHINA president !

| March 10, 2018

WKF ASIA hold the last convention and referee seminar in Seoul. All photos are already here. Our host was WKF KOREA president HWANG HYUN KI and showed a real great hospitality. Excellent Korean food, very nice sight seeing and shopping malls create great new friendships. First main point was the meeting with our new WKF […]