Open World Cup, Tatami and Ringsport, kids, juniors and addults, promoter WKF ROMANIA and WKF EUROPE 01.12. - 03.12.2023rou
Österreichischer Neuings Cup in Ringsport 0-5 Kämpfe in Eichgraben / NÖ. promoter WKF LV. NÖ. Florian BARTL und WKF AUSTRIA 09.12.2023aut
16 de diciembre campeonato Continental WKF ONAM CALI V. DEL CAUCA, promoter Luis Mediomundo and WKF COLOMBIA 16.12.2023col
WKF GREECE president Mr. Annis DOMETIOU announces its next event in Greece, promoter WKF GREECE and WKF EUROPE 16.12.2023gre
World Championships 2024,Torrevieja, all disciplines, promoter WKF SPAIN Mr. Juan PINILLA and WKF head office 01.01.2024esp
National Kickboxing Championships of India, Talkatora indoor stadium, New Delhi, promoter WKF INDIA and WKF ASIA 03.01. - 06.01.2024ind
Österreichische Neulingsmeisterschaft Ringsport 0-5 Kämpfe, Andau, WKF LV. Burgenland, promoter Thomas ZSALACZ und WKF AUSTRIA 10.02.2024aut
Styrian Fight Night 3.0 in Bruck / Mur, WKF World title fight, promoter Karl PRODERUTTI and WKF AUSTRIA 17.02.2024aut
ÖSTM in Andau, Burgenland, promoter WKF LV. BURGENLAND und WKF AUSTRIA 01.03. - 02.03.2024aut
International event Kickboxing and MMA in Wels, promoter Andreas HELML and WKF AUSTRIA 10.03.2024aut
Austrian Referee seminar WEST, Innsbruck, promoter WKF LV. TIROL Gerhard CORRADINI und WKF AUSTRIA 23.03. - 24.03.2024aut
Austrian Referee seminar OST, Illmitz, promoter WKF LV. BURGENLAND Thomas ZSALACS und WKF AUSTRIA 06.04. - 07.04.2024aut
Austrian Open, all discipines, Innsbruck, promoter Gerhard CORRADINI and WKF AUSTRIA 26.04. - 27.04.2024aut
European Championships 2025, all disciplines, Poland or Armenia, promoter WKF EUROPE head office 01.01.2025eur
WKF Open World Cup, all disciplines, Innsbruck, promoter Gerhard CORRADINI and WKF AUSTRIA with WKF EUROPE 01.01.2025aut
World Championships 2026, Cartagena, all disciplines, promoter WKF COLOMBIA and WKF head office 01.01.2026col
European Championships 2027, Bratislava, all disciplines, promoter WKF SLOVAKIA and WKF head office 01.01.2027svk
World Championships 2028, Cologne, all disciplines, promoter WKF GERMANY and WKF head office 01.01.2028ger
European Championships 2029, all disciplines, promoter WKF head office and ... 01.01.2029eur
World Championships 2030, all disciplines, promoter WKF head office and ... 01.01.2030wkf