Welcome to China and in our WKF SANDA-WUSHU division !

| December 1, 2018

Following our many members from all over the World, WKF head office started  with our SANDA & WUSHU division.   World president is   Mr. YAN DINAN   from WKF CHINA.     This includes all Sanda male/female fighters, fill in the online profile, add a jpg photo to be listed in the SANDA World […]

2019年春季中国WKF世界杯 – Next WKF World Cup in China !

| November 20, 2018

    中国语言 2019年春季中国WKF世界杯 所有信息,如酒店和机场, 以及完成的邀请将很快跟进 向所有国家开放,我们期待您的参与 如需了解更多信息,请发送电子邮件至: 严弟楠   Next World Cup in May in China ! Full invitation with all details coming soon For more information contact Sifu YAN Dinan by mail: 严弟楠

Chinese boxing – WKF SANDA title fights, how it goes

| November 19, 2018

We have got many request for title fights around the World and many people ask about how it goes in our SANDA division. It is very simple, everybody can download WKF title fight minimum request , this should answer FAQ. Like in Ring sport all fighters must be listed in the SANDA WORLD RANKING send […]

| November 11, 2018

WKF EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 21st to 26th October in Romania FOR MORE UPDATES CLICK HERE !!!    World Championships 2020 First time in history on the African continent !

World Championships in Argentina, welcome in Buenos Aires

| October 21, 2018

WKF   World   Championship 2018             Dear friends in sport, WKF ARGENTINA is putting all the team’s energies into the preparation for this upcoming championship, so that everything that is being offered in this great event becomes a flawless reality. Each athlete, nonstop but at their own pace, goes […]

TOP TEN countries in the last world Championships

| October 21, 2018

Grand total medal record of our TOP TEN countries from all WKF World Championships in the past !   Leading continent is today WKF EUROPA  First NON European country is WKF CANADA on pos. 10th  16/24/9. first Asian country is WKF IRAN pos. 13th  15/2/7. Best Africans are WKF SOUTH AFRICA on pos 17th, 9/4/3 […]

Next European Cup 2019 in Poland

| October 20, 2018

  WKF POLAND president Dariusz ZAJAC invite and confirm next     WKF   European Cup   Date is February 1st to 3rd !   In K-1 only, for female and male in the city Mikolow in Poland. Plus WKF title fights are on the fight card in the finals. YOU think you´re tough ? […]

Many countries are registered today for World Championships in Buenos Aires

| October 15, 2018

    WKF ARGENTINA president Mr. Carlos SUAREZ and his team invite the World for the next WKF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018, November 5th -10th.   Beautiful City of Buenos Aires  the capital of Argentina is our host City.   Until today we have 45 country registrations from all 6 continents. Many competitors in MMA and […]

Next European Championships 2019 in Baia Mare, Romania

| October 10, 2018

WKF ROMANIA president Florin MINA announce in Baia Mare European Championship From October 21st to 26th 2019, our European WKF family meet in beautiful Romania. Over 30 countries will participate and there will be matches from kids to juniors to seniors. In the final day will be 12 fights with important and great fighters like Cristian […]

Sanda / San Shou and WUSHU

| October 5, 2018

San Shou shi Wushu de Jinghua   “San Shou is the quintessence of Wushu.”   San Shou is the official full contact fighting sport of modern Chinese Wushu which is rapidly growing in international popularity. As an integral part of most Wushu competitions, San Shou has been an important event at the World Wushu Championships […]