WKF EUROPE looking for new Sanda & Wushu expert

Posted By on July 2, 2023

Since January 1st – after the Covid virus –

our WKF has also been reorganized.

To date, around 40 former WKF state presidents and directors have been dismissed worldwide. So did our last president of SANDA and WUSHU in Europe.

Due to inability, empty promises, no Sanda events approved by the WKF, no national teams in Sanda at the last European and World Championships, etc.

Our Sanda world ranking site also urgently needs an update!

Therefore, our continental association WKF EUROPA is looking for a new European director for Sanda and Wushu. Which expert would like to work in our team in the European continental association?

At the World Cup 2024 in France

we celebrate 60 years of WKF!

1964 – 2024 !!!


If you are interested in becoming part of a large, global, conservative and reputable association,

we look forward to your non-binding inquiry.

Perfect in English 🙂

We look forward to our new Sanda and Wushu team!

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